Dental Insurance

Insurance Policy

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance aims to ease the financial obligations of patients and make receiving dental treatment possible for many patients.

Dental insurance is usually provided to groups of people. The most common way is for an employer to subscribe to a dental insurance program which covers the employees of the business, the patient being the employee.

What Dental Insurance is NOT

Dental insurance does not shift the financial responsibility for dentistry away from the patient. The patient is ultimately responsible for all charges for services not covered by insurance for whatever reason.

Dental insurance does not eliminate cost to the patient. Remember, dental insurance aims to help ease obligations, not absorb them. When patients expect too much from dental insurance, they will be disappointed.

Dental insurance must not interfere with treatment decisions made between a doctor and patient. Remember, dental insurance is a bureaucratic business, not a health care provider or recipient.

How do I Choose a Dental Insurance?

Very often your employer will provide options. You may be able to choose from a traditional plan, a PPO plan, or an HMO plan.

Traditional/Indemnity Plans:

  • Most expensive plans
  • Offer the most dental coverage
  • Allow for upgrades and the best dental treatment

PPO Plans:

  • Medium priced plans
  • Reduced coverage
  • Some dental treatment options not allowed

HMO Plans:

  • Low cost plans
  • Least coverage
  • Aims to help maintain dental health, upgrades are not allowed

The amount of coverage is directly proportional to the premium paid by you or your employer to the insurance company: the less paid, the less received. The services which are or are not covered are strictly based on the contract between your employer and the insurance company, not the dental office.

Often times patients ask us which insurance to choose. And in many cases we can help you choose the best insurance plan from the options given to you by your employer. We will be happy to make you an appointment for a dental examination and insurance consultation. Just call us.